Amazing Ideas for Small Bathroom Designs

Having all the essential items along with an elegant look in a small bathroom may be a challenge. But nowadays there is a wide array of bathroom designs for small spaces that allow you to make the best of your space and at the same time enjoy a stylish look.

Of course, your bathroom may seem the smallest room in your house. However, there is no reason why it is not attractive or impressive. No matter how big or small your bathroom is; you will definitely need more space for storing and organizing your stuff there. There are countless ways to increase the amount of space.

In this article, you will find a collection of assured ways to make your small bathroom look roomier and spacious, in addition to enhancing the functionality and style of your bathroom.


The color of your bathroom plays a great role in the entire design of the bathroom. Go for light colors as they will make your bathroom look larger and brighter. Avoid dark colors because they will make space looks smaller than it actually is. While light, pastel colors can make your bathroom looks bright, fresh and relaxing. Pure white, cream, ivory white can create a feel of spaciousness. For the flooring of a small bathroom, it is recommended to apply colors like tans, light grays, and light blues.


Mirrors are essential for bathrooms, but small bathrooms particularly will look great with undecorated mirrors. And small round mirrors are recommended for small bathrooms. Although small baths are limited in space but they still could use wide mirrors that stretch across walls.

Mirrors are not just a functional item but they have a great effect on the overall look of the bathroom. They are essential as they are made of glass which reflects light so these reflective surfaces will make your small bathroom looks larger. Glass can be used in shower cubicles, wall accents, and lights. There is also a mirror cabinet which is a great option to open up your space.


Lights are another trick that help in giving an illusion of larger space. Try to get a source of natural light in your bath because the natural light can greatly affect the look of your bathroom and makes it seem larger. The effect of natural light sources is greater than the artificial ones. So having a window over bathtubs or overhead openings brings in light along with fresh air.

When it comes to artificial lighting, you may prefer to dim your lightning as it will make no one feel that the bathroom is small and it is good for relaxation.

Furniture details

Mixing decorative details with the existing fixtures in your way to go if you don’t have large amount of space for placing decorations. In order to add decorative elements to a small bathroom, you can choose a sink and vanity combination with ornate details or a floating etched glass countertop with a unique sink. A colorful tile along the shower wall is a beautiful way to add decorative details to a bathroom without taking much space.

Storage and organization

The good organization of the bathroom can maximize your space and increase the functionality of the bathroom. Don’t clutter your bathroom with items such as towels on the counter, a magazine rack next to the toilet, statues, and bulky pictures.

Choose small items and bathroom accessories. Go for a smaller toilet, bathtub and sink keeping in mind some of the features small bathroom fixtures should have like smooth surface, light, and neutral tones.

Make use of small unused areas like corners and overhead spaces.

One of the options you do have to make use of the available space is to use the over toilet storage. And you can find many options to add in this unused space as there is a variety of over toilet shelves, cabinets, etageres and spaces savers available on the market.


Corners of the bathroom is another neglected space which must be considered. Installing a corner sink vanity can provide a considerable storage and at the same time, it enhances the bathroom look by improving its contours. You can get the same visual result if you use corner bathtubs. For overhead spaces, you can place cabinets, hamper hooks and racks.

Creative ideas to modernize your small bathroom

Bathroom is one the most abandoned part of the house. Redecorating and renovating it needs you to pay enough attention to it and make the best use of the free space in it. And here comes a few bathroom modernizing ideas that will help you to make your bathroom look bigger.

Glass showers. Do you want to make your bathroom space feel bigger and brighter? Go for glass showers along with other materials will ensure making your dreams come true. Shower glass enclosures will help you get an elegant looking besides, they will give you a spa-like feel to your bath area. In addition, you can customize them depending on your bathroom extra space.

Tile and stones. You’d better go for new and original tile work as they will make your area shower more comfortable and add beauty to the bathroom. They are customizable to any decor, shape, size or color. Besides, they will help you to bring depth to your bathroom.

Walk-in showers. It’s a style of these days. People would rather have them for the exciting and refreshing experience of this elegant invention over getting wet in a bathtub. They are too popular because you have many options when installing like installing them framed or frameless, fully-enclosed or partially enclosed.

Steam shower. It’s also known as steam bath. I think that nothing better than a steam shower where you can enjoy the fresh steam around you.

Bench. Placing a bench in your bathroom is very useful as you can use it to place shower items, also you can sit on it in case you find difficulties in standing for long periods. You can buy shower stall made of fiberglass or prefabricated plastic that include integrated benches. When it comes to tiled showers, granite benches are liked more than others.

Cabinet and fixtures. Limit the cabinet and fixtures number as possible. You need to be originative with storage. You ought to go for glass shelves, floor baskets and a pedestal sink. Mirrors play a major role in making the room look spacious and bigger.

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